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The Quintessential Summer

We all have those quintessential summer memories from our youth. You know those call-out moments that say "Summer".

Like that first day of summer when you can imagine the days stretched out before you like blank pages in a journal. Or the rising hum of cicadas, in the late afternoon when the humidity fills the air and clings to everything.

Solidago and Ammophilia at West End Beach

Remember those unyielding wooden spoons for Italian ice? And the ice served in those tiny pleated paper cups?

The cup that didn’t hold up to the spoon or the heat, and Italian ice juice ran down your arm staining your elbow.

How about swimming all day, only remaining on land long enough to eat and you had to “digest before you can go back in “ to swim.

Or what about drinking from the hose, after playing Ring-A-Levio for hours.

We have our own version of the quintessential summer memories.

Echinacea "Pow Wow Pink'

Ours are simpler and will give us pause all winter when we review in preparation for next year.

For us they are like the memories of the day the fireflies first emerge.

That refreshing sip of that icy beverage on the first truly hot day.

The feel of grainy damp sand between your toes on the first beach day.

Take a look, we hope you can count them as your own as well. And visit often this winter.

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