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Cut Flowers

Imagine fresh flower arrangements from your very own garden! Let us design a cutting garden that will allow you to bring the beautiful flowers inside your house.

We will construct a flower garden with a variety of flower shapes and sizes so that your arrangements will put on quite a display.


Mixing colors in a palate of your choosing and flower shapes of our choosing will give you a range of flower selection so that you always have a refreshing source of beauty.

Vases of beautiful hydrangea
Vase of hydrangea, thistle and campanula

Flower heads are organized into categories by the way their flowers are arranged on their petioles (stems). What looks to us as a single flower is sometimes made up of many, many individual flowers.


Lush cumbersome flowers paired with spiked stemmed flowers, dimpled with button shaped flowers allow the flowers to practically arrange themselves.

It is this combination of shapes and textures that can make up stunning flower arrangements.


On the other hand, sometimes simplicity says it 

best with a vase filled with only Peonies, or just Shasta daisies, or Tardiva Hydrangeas can’t be ignored.

Blue hydrangea
vases of cut flowers

Our staff are experts at flower arranging and can plant, tend, sheer, assemble and set out a beautiful table for you from your own garden.

If you are planning a party we can also source flowers and make arrangements for your tables, rooms and entrances.

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