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About Us

"Your Garden Treated Like Our Garden"

Honestly that is how we think of our role. We are passionate about making, and taking care of our customer's gardens, so that they look beautiful from season to season.

Longmeadow Landscape Design & Maintenance, Inc. was founded by Deborah Poole, CNLP, who recently retired, and passed the reigns to her long time foreman Noe Mayen. He has worked with  Deborrah for 20 years and so has an in-depth knowledge of the land on the North Fork and the beautiful gardens of our clients.

“As soon as we step onto a site, we can envision what plants would thrive there and we can’t wait to begin to design,” she explains.


“The site tells us everything we need to know, and my client’s vision for their space gives us the back story we need to complete their landscape.”


Whether it’s a foundation planting, an herb or flower garden, or planters by the pool, Longmeadow Landscape can install the perfect combination of plants.

Meet Some of The Team...

In order to develop functional and beautiful gardens we listen closely to our clients.


All materials used to construct a new garden or outdoor entertainment area are sourced through leading local suppliers. 


Every plant has a home, and showcasing the more unusual plants is something we’ve learnt to incorporate into our designs.  


No two projects are the same, each of our clients get individual attention, and so do their plants.”

Founder Deborrah, a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional, has trained the dedicated team to take care of your home as if it were their own. They take pride in site management, bringing expert plant care that surpasses expectations.


“They all work together seamlessly, coming on-site with a set plan and geting to work quickly,” Deborrah remarks. “Every member of the crew has their strength, and you can trust them to live up to our standards while utilizing their skill set.”

Attention to detail is the most important consideration when working on a landscape.  Specializing in high end and residential projects, Longmeadow Landscape Design & Maintenance offers a complete solution for landscape design and maintenance needs.

No project is too big or too small.

Our Customers

Our customers are located all over the east end of Long Island from the North and South Forks, and from Shelter Island to Melville.

We can work on a specific project such as a new bed or planters.

We can also do whole property maintenance for a season, weekly or bi-weekly depending on need.

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