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Custom Designed Planters

We are known for creating planters for every season to beautify your decks, pool area and entrance ways.

We use a variety of planters to bring color and texture to your landscape.

Stylized to match your home’s décor or your personal sense of home we can create the perfect planter for you.

Custom Designed Planters add the perfect compliment to your home. Choose from formal urns filled with elegant plants to greet you when you roll up the driveway, or rustic watering cans planted with cheery annuals to brighten up the corner of your porch, and any style in between. 


Custom designed planters add a layer of style that cannot be overlooked.


Have a pot that you adore and want to use as a planted centerpiece on your patio?


Need new pots to spruce up your porch or deck?


We can source the best quality pots in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Your pots or ours, filled with color coordinated plants to match your outside furnishings, or boldly structured plants that can make a dramatic statement.


All the planter photos on the site are just some of the beautiful planters we have created.

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