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Installation of bulbs in the fall will give you a burst of color from February through to June in your landscape. The earliest Snowdrop followed by Crocus planted along with Hellebore (Lenten Rose) will give so much pleasure even if we have a snowfall. Many daffodil and allium bulbs are deer resistant.  We all look forward to assorted bulbs in bright colors planted in masses for a jaw-dropping, car-stopping spring display.

When planting bulbs the site determines which ones will work best. Some bulbs are meant for a woodland setting, some full sun, some work best in planters and some will go crazy and multiply. Going bulb-planting-crazy can be a good thing in the right location.


Early blooming spring bulbs can start as early as February and late bloomers arrive in June. A combination of bulbs with Hellebore (Lenten Rose) can really be a warm welcome after a long winter on the North Fork.


Some species of Allium added to a perennial bed will provide you with a little extra color in June.

Keep in mind that as the foliage of bulbs dies back it’s photosynthesis process is feeding the bulb for next year’s flower. Inter-planting bulbs with other perennials will hide the vital die-back while providing a 

handsome new plant to admire in it’s place.

Early Spring

Bulb Planter

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