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DX: Spring Fever

A local garden we tend

Are you tired? Listless? Do you wander around your home gazing out the window? Do you hate the word “vortex”?

When you hear a songbird sing do you catch in your breath? Does the mere sight of the sun make your insides shine? If so you are not alone.

Diagnosis? Spring Fever also known as “SF”. You may not be aware, but you are actually awaiting the Greening-Up to begin. You know. Leaves on trees, greener grass, plants sprouting.


This malady will be short lived now, since we’ve passed the point where once again, time has been deconstructed by one hour. Yes, the days will become a longer, so that when commuting home, the sun will be annoyingly in your eyes. Temps will remain in the upper 40’s and you won’t want to wear a coat but will regret if you don’t.

If you venture out and you really pay attention, you will see growth. Green growth. Buds swelling on tree branches; forgotten plants emerging from the soil and the new sprouts of spring bulbs.

Watch for Lenten Rose (Helleborus) which flower before they leaf


out. If you’re lucky you'll see a Witch hazel shrub (Hamamelis), that offers bright yellow flowers in early spring.

Maybe you’ll spy a clump of Snowdrops (Galanthus) with tender green shoots and soft white down-ward facing flowers. Or squat perfect purple crocus yawning open in the day and closing in the evening. These are just a few of the wonderful spring plants that will bring an end to your suffering.

In certain people these signs may cause you to unconsciously take in deep droughts of fresh air. A spring in your step may arise as well as a swelling of expectations. Upon seeing spring growth your spirit may soar, uncontrollable hope may abound. Smiling can occur.

Rest assured we have spring fever too. All winter we’ve been gearing up for the spring season, inspecting tools, ordering plants, researching new garden delights. Now we’re waiting and watching for the weather to break. And to the Spring cure, we say, “Bring it.”


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