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A Fresh Flower Arrangement Just For You

Wedding Flowers

Who doesn't love to have fresh cut flowers in as many rooms as possible from spring through fall?

Making flower arrangements right from our client's cutting gardens and flower beds have become a mainstay of our business.

On a visit to a friend's home, I remember a simple clear glass vase placed at the bedside in the guest bedroom. The small glass beaker was filled with only one kind of flower. Lily of the Valley. Delicate arched stems lined with small white bells. It was such an elegant kindness, so unexpected. It stayed with me, and I love to offer my clients the option to fill their homes with what is usually seen as a luxury.

Wedding Flowers

I've asked my staff to weigh in with their best tips and impressions when crafting these gorgeous arrangements. They were happy to describe their insider tips and secrets for flower arranging.

Rustic Flower Arrangement

"We always try to envision our clients response. Imagining when they arrive home and see the flowers. It encourages us to take chances as we put the arrangements together."

"Always consider the vase or container, its height and width set the stage for the arrangement. You don't want to go to far reaching with a diminutive vase. Scale is very important." It is also important to be sure that the container is scrupulously clean so the flowers can stay fresh a long as possible.

Flower Arrangement Prep

"We cut and prep all the flowers first. Gathering them from our clients flower beds or cutting gardens is the first part of the puzzle. Make sure the cuts are clean and at an angle. Try to keep as much of the leaves out of the water as possible."

"Flower shape and size are vital. Selecting combinations in odd numbers and starting with a few larger flowers and offsetting them with varying shaped smaller flowers is one of the fundamentals of flower arranging."

"We create the arrangement in one hand, adding to it; building it as we go. Letting shapes and colors play off one another in layer after layer."

Daylily & Dahlia flower arrangement

"I feel the design, and this tells me if I like it or not." Flower arranging is an innate talent that emerges from the spirit. "It's one of my favorite favorite parts of work, I get to use my creative side."

"Everyone who crafts flower arrangements has their own style. The trick is to be able to move from a tight orderly format to a loose, more flowing arrangement depending on the container and the setting the arrangement will end up in. It takes practice."

One of the challenges of flower arrangements made solely from the

Flowers in an Urn

client's property is finding suitable plant material as each season changes. "There's a bit of a crunch when seasons change, and you're waiting for the temps to catch up with budding plants, in terms of what's available."

"Some of our favorite larger flowers to work with are Dahlias, Peonies and Hydrangeas. Add some greenery, ferns or hosta leaves that will show the flowers off more dramatically."

Smaller more airy flowers are used to fill in among the larger flowers.

If you'd like to have fresh cut flowers in your home, whether for special events or for every day, let us know. We can carve out a cutting garden especially for fresh flower arrangements, or add more flowers to your beds to have a variety of flowers available for cutting.

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