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Spring Forward

We seem to have gotten past our collective angst over moving the clocks ahead. Seems so strange.

Aren’t we constantly noting how time flies?

Can you believe it’s January? No, wait, February? Is it actually March?

Even young children say it: “Can you believe it’s the weekend already Mom?”

And so what do we do? We move the clocks ahead an hour. What in the world are we doing? I’m not sure, but I do know that spring is just ahead, a stirring force to be reckoned with, charging right toward us.

But we’re ready. We’ve been ready.

Seedlings growing

Not sure if you know this, but your gardens have been designed. Your plants have been researched, ordered planted --weeks and weeks ago.

In fact, right this minute they are quietly growing by the day, leafing out, in response to the tender care they are receiving at our local growers.

Seedlings being watered

Yep, while we’ve been slogging through the winter season, chipping ice and shoveling snow, all of your garden goodies are snuggled in greenhouses, being pampered and fed, like a day spa, until their garden debut.

Just a few more weeks. It’ll be here in no time flat…..can you believe it?

My how time flies.

See you soon.

Need a garden clean-up? Have some new projects you want to tackle, but need assistance? Spring forward and give us a call.

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