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We're really admiring garden art on the Twin Forks this year. Here's an eclectic sample of garden pieces we've seen recently.

These first three items can be seen in Quogue, on Dune Road........

This giant orb...

Dune Road Statue

This Chinese Dog....

Chinese Dog Statue

This whimsical bird atop a giant orb....

Whimsical Statue

So many styles and mediums. All with their own intrinsic meaning. We're loving all of them from the rustic elements like this lil' piggy and the water buffalo...

Lil piggy statue
Water Buffalo Statue

To another rustic orb within an orb within in an orb.....

Orb In Orb Garden Art

To this pansy-planted chair, both found at the Peconic River Herb Farm:

To this elegant yet understated sculpture.......

To these contemplative statues which are the perfect calming influence....

Reader Statue

Buddha Head Statue with Stipa Grass

Buddah Head Statue

To a planter alive with plants - Coleus and Lysimachia....

Planter with Coleus and Lysimachia

And check out this little marker among the emerging fiddle heads...

Gone To The Beach Stone

To the ultra simple shovel in the garden......

Simple with Shovel

We love these garden accessories, they infuse the garden with personality adding the owners spin on the space. Need help placing your garden art? We'd be happy to help you with all the important details; scale, position, visual balance and relation to the existing architecture.

Watch your in-box to learn about a great architectural plant. A sculpture unto itself.......the May Apple!

#garden #gardenart #sculpture

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